🇺🇦 #UkraineWar – Initiatives from the business world

How companies and business dudes & dudettes help or can help

We are a business podcast on digital topics and therefore look at a wide network of business contacts. We want to use and activate these people to help mitigate the dire consequences of the Ukraine war. That’s why we collect initiatives and addresses on this page, which are sent to us and which we research. 

What we are listing here are initiatives that either allow business people and companies from the digital economy to get engaged (e.g. provide work places) or that are offered by this target group (e.g. funds).

And please note: We are producing this with a very fast pace and we always try to list our sources to keep a certain quality. But please always inform yourself about the different offers, we can not take any responsibility for their quality.

➡️. In case we missed out on any initiative please suggest it via our form here.

➡️  To give feedback or advice send an e-mail to redaktion[at]digitalkompakt.de

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